My Wyze app doesn't show the ip or network address. I'm trying to remote access my cameras away from home. What should I do?

My Wyze app doesn’t show the ip or network. I was able remotely livefeed using my andriod phone. Now, I have to be at and connected to my wifi network to live feed. When I view my cameras setting, I, notice, even while connected to wifi, there is no ip or network address shown.

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Help us understand which IP you are looking for… And why.

Your Wyze App doesn’t get an IP. Your Phone does get an IP from the local network you are logged into. Since your App isn’t a WiFi “device” but the phone is, your phone’s current IP should be available from within the phone settings :gear: or the router settings :gear:.

Each of your Wyze devices will have an IP. If your App is connected, you can see the IP of each device in the Settings :gear: for each device, Device Info.

If the app is not making a connection to your devices for some reason, the router settings :gear: will be the place to find the IP for each device.

There are also 3rd party apps available that will scan your local network and identify the devices and their respective local network IP address.

But the question is why do you need it. If you have installed the cams all you have to do is open the Wyze App and they should connect.

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I just dont know what happened.

I dont have an issue with my Ring camera. The app here shows voth addresses.

You still have not said what you are trying to accomplish, and what IP you are looking for.


Yeah. You are going to need to get very specific with clear details about what issues you are having viewing the Wyze Cams from the Wyze App and why the IP address is important. Without that there isn’t enough information to go on.

:rofl: Wyze Cams do not have Direct IP access, wish they did…

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Once cams are installed to your account thru the App while your phone is connected to the network the cams are on, you can then take your phone anywhere that has Internet and Live Stream them or access the SD Card saved Playback footage. This includes while you are on your Mobile Data Plan (LTE\5G) as well as any other WiFi network.

Since the Cam is assigned a local IP by your home network, and because your account on the server has the public IP and credentials of your home network, you never have to worry about any IP addresses. The App and the Wyze server takes care of that for you. All you have to do is open the app and let it connect, open your cams and stream.

If your cams are not streaming when you change to Mobile Data, make sure that you aren’t using VPN software that would limit the App’s ability to utilize Mobile Data.

You won’t see any Public IP. You will only see the Local IP assigned by your router within the Cam Settings :gear:, Device Info. But that won’t do you much good since the cams are sitting behind your Router Firewall. That is why you can’t get direct IP access. They aren’t Public IP addresses.

There are other ways to stream beyond the Wyze App though. Alexa, Google Home, and TinyCam come to mind.

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You don’t need that info to see the live feed. Has your network / firewall / port blocking or whole home anti-virus changed. That could cause access to the cameras to be blocked from outside. Has your ISP changed their firmware or updated their system.


I have the same issue. When you look at the device info, network is blank and the ip is blank.

But its working. Ive cleared the cache on the app and rebooted the camera, but it stays blank. My other cameras have the info listed.

Not sure what you are trying to accomplish…
Wyze is cloud based and you won’t get a direct public IP and port to your Wyze Cam

The local IP on the LAN is shown in image above but the public IP & port is not.
My security and Wyze’s cloud layout will not allow access anyway directly as that does not support their business model of subscription access only…

here is my IP, good luck accessing above camera with all the IP info… :rofl:
Internet IP
No Worries Here I know I am secured plus Wyze Cams do not have that access ability…

Mods: Don’t worry as my IP rolls at 04:00 PST anyways and that IP will be invalid then

Not trying to accomplish anything. I don’t like it when apps are buggy. I finally fixed it, I cleared the data on the wyze app, and after re-setting up the app, everything was back to normal. The cameras in question were displaying the proper ips.