IP address for camera?

Please help

How do I find the up address of my camera?

It says it’s Alexa enabled and that’s it attached to Alexa.

I want it to show on my tv. Which is also enabled.

The only app I’m finding asks for the cameras up address

You can go into the camera settings page. From there you would select Device Settings that brings up the following page which has your IP address on it.


I have a network security device and the app for it will talk me the IP Address of every device it has scanned. Whether or not it is currently connected to the network.

Bitdefender has a home scanning app that does the same thing.

i have apps that can tell me all the ip address on my network, as well as windows can simply tell you this as well.
in the command prompt just type arp -a

but they don’t tell me what device they go to.

is thee no way in the wyze app that can tell you the ip address?

I assume not because i would have found it.

thank you i will try this later tonight.

These tell me what connects and I can assign a name. They can usually guess the device based on the MAC id though. Wyze Cameras automatically come up as Wyze Cameras when they connect to the network. If I assign a name then it is always remembered. I can see my entire network without bouncing between manufacturer apps.

Just an idea for a simpler solution.

None of this works. There is no setting page in the iPhone app that shows the IP address.

What good is having the Wyze cam attached to Alexa if you cannot do anything with it??

Is there anyone that can actually help me set something up?

What app do you use on your connected TV to view the camera??

What can I do with it??

Very sorry apparently you have a different app than I do. I suggest you open a support ticket here.

We are users just like you, none of us here work for Wyze and I am sure you would do better with the real experts.

What app are you using?
I am using Fing, and net analyzer.

I use the Wyze iPhone app. I also use Fing but not to manage the cameras. I use Alexa to display a camera on my FireTV.

The screen below is from the Wyze iPhone app. Thats why I said I must be using a different app then you since you said your app did not have such a screen.

If you select the camera and press the settings icon then ‘Device info’ the IP address is there. I tried this on my Android and iPad. I don’t have an iPhone.

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Keep in mind that even once you find the IP address of your camera, it is assigned by DHCP, and therefore can change under the right circumstances. Many routers allow you to statically map an IP address to a specific MAC address, so that device always gets the same IP address.


How do you get it to display on your tv through your fire TV ???

This is really all I’m trying to do.

And for some reason on my iPhone app I don’t have that page that shows the ip address

The page requires that you scroll down to see the link to it. From the Home Screen click on any camera. From the next screen, the Live View screen click on the gear :gear: icon in the top right.

On the next screen scroll down and you will see the Device Info menu item. Click on that and you will see the IP address screen.

In your Alexa app you have to add and enable the Wyze skill. Once that is done you can press and hold the microphone button on your FireTV remote and say “Alexa show <<camera_name>>”

This will cause Alexa to obtain and display the camera feed on your TV. The feed will time out after 10 minutes and require you to ask again. This is a limitation imposed by Amazon on Wyze.

When you are done viewing the camera you can press and hold the button again and say “Alexa go home” or “Alexa hide <<camera_name>>” to return to your regular FireTV screen.

Thank you. I don’t know how I missed that screen. Thank you. I now see the IP address

One more question.

Do you have to have an Alexa wyze app installed on your fire TV.?

I already have the Wyze skill one my Alexa echo dot.
Is there also a skill I have to add the the fire tv Alexa?
I just figured they were linked together.

Thank you.

The Alexa skill only needs to be linked once. As long as you are logging into the FireTV with the same account then everything should be fine.

If not you can also link Alexa from the Wyze app on your phone. Select Works With from the Account tab and then complete the linking from there.

Hey thanks. It actually works.


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Glad to hear it! Nice when things actually work!

thank you for your help.


Not sure. I found this, If you select the camera and press the settings icon then ‘Device info’ the IP address is there. I tried this on my Android and iPad.Dec 5, 2019