Wyze IPs and Ports

I’ve already seen this:



But I’m seeing outbound traffic on other ports from the camera to various IPs in the AWS cloud.

I’m trying to keep my firewall fairly restrictive, which is to say, I’m not going to let just any outbound traffic, even to AWS cloud.

That being said, can I get a list of IPs that Wyze uses, so I can create an alias and let traffic to those ranges only?

If there is an issue with AWS dynamic IPs, then are there URLs?


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I would like to see that as well. Same reasons…

Not sure if this is what you’re asking, but if you go to the camera live stream, tap the gear icon, then Device Info, it lists the local IP address that the camera is connected to. (May need 4.2.x.x firmware for this.)

Under Device Info, I have


Device model :

Network :

Installed firmware version:

Firmware Upgrade

But no local IP address information.


And I do not need to open any ports for my wyze and tinycam pro to work. I have to open port for every single foscam cams I have for remote viewing. My understanding is we can open one specific port for a single cam only. That was what I did for the many foscam cams I have.

In using tinycam pro for remote viewing, only the login and password need to be correct. Then selecting channels. I use the same ip address for all the 9 V2s and 2 Cam Pan I am using.


What version of the Wyze app are you running (found in the My Account tab)?


I’m sorry. When I said you need to be on firmware 4.2.x.x earlier, I misspoke. I should have said you need to be on Wyze app version 1.4.x. The 1.4.x version of the app is currently in beta and is expected to be released to the public any day now. That version will show you the IP address in the Device Info. If you are on iOS, it may take a bit longer for it to show up in the App Store due to Apple’s review process.

No problem at all!

I am using Oneplus 5t. I can get IP addresses of cams from “Attached Devices” of my router webpage. I like Wyze cams most is I don’t need to reserve IP address & open port for the cams. I have to do that for other cams, mostly foscam, and I have a spreadsheet documenting all MAC address, IP address, open port of all my non-Wyze cams. I like V1/V2 most :slight_smile: For Cam Pan, I like the 2 way audio…

I’d like to see this info as well.

The device only gives private IP’s not public. (I have to turn off wifi on my phone to see my cameras behind work firewall)

Would the DNS pointers help you? Someone has traced those already. If so I’ll find the link and post.

i need the new list of ip addresses to open up as suddenly the view events cannot show pictures and returns error 2001… i open some previously and it was working. the link above is defunct