Assign camera an addressable IP?

Are there plans or is there a way to assign an IP address to the camera(s) so they can be viewed on the web or accessible by other programs. I’ve looked through many of the postings and found some references to using a program called tinycam for Andriod. I’m an apple guy, are there other alternatives.

Thank you in advance for any support.


The closest we have right now is to run the Wyze android app or TinyCam in an Android emulator on your Mac. I have done it with BlueStacks, and it works. I’m not aware of any way to emulate iOS apps on a Mac.

The camera operates as a DHCP client, so your router (normally) will assign an IP address. Most routers (not all) can set a device to a DHCP reservation which means that it will always receive the same address. For example, my 9 cameras each always get addresses of (where x is the camera number).

As for the primary part of your request, as you found and RickO confirmed, other than emulators for either iOS or android, there is no way to watch your Wyze cameras on a computer (MAC or PC).