Assign fixed IP address to wyze cameras

How does one assign a fixed IP address in the app for a wyze camera. I have a number of wyze cameras as well as other cameras. I want to use port forwarding for a third party application. I’ve searched for community responses and google but have not found an answer that actually works. I am reasonably comfortable moving around in my Netgear Nighthawk 7900 router and have set up fixed IP addresses for a number of devices including cameras. However, all of my other devices allow one to set up the fixed ip address in the device set up. I found the IP address assigned by the router but when I enter the IP address as the URL in another window I get a msg that it cannot connect,…err_connection_refused. I’ve gone thru the WYZE settings and don’t see any place to assign an IP address.

You have to use DHCP reservations at your router. You enter the MAC address of the camera and tell your router to always grant it the same IP address.

Also, you really can’t browse to a Wyzecam URL as far as I know.


thanks for your response…I had made a reservation for the number but was looking for access via the url…when that didn’t work, I wasn’t sure if there was something special to do…I want to use this in ISPY application

Well that’s different. I don’t think iSpy supports Wyze credentials directly – TinyCam does because he independently reverse engineered the protocol.

To get it to work with iSpy I think you need to install one of two editions of RTSP firmware (Wyze’s or Dafang Hacks).

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@Customer is right. You have to install RTSP firmware on your WYZE cameras to get them to work with software other than WYZE or tinyCam.

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tks, just read up on installing the RTSP firmware…now I have to find one of my memory cards

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Look under your keyboard. :slightly_smiling_face: