RTSP Camera IP address keeps changing

I’m having an issue with my Wyze Cams v2, I have 3 of them setup with RTSP firmware and using BlueIris to stream the feeds. I’m using Google WiFi routers and in the router settings I identified the cameras and set their IP address to static so I can have a static RTSP address. But, every few days, one or two cameras will change their IP address. When I go into the Wyze Cam App, I can see a new IP address listed in the RTSP settings and in the WiFi settings I see the camera has a new IP. It’s not a random IP address either, the camera’s have 2 IP addresses they keep switching between. At first I thought that it’s because Google WiFi doesn’t separate SSID from 2.4 and 5Ghz bands, but the Wyze Cams only support 2.4Ghz band.

Any Ideas? I currently have to go into BlueIris and put in the new IP address from the RTSP settings every few days.

I would set the DHCP type to Registration (some name the type as Manual). Registration is a mix of Static and Auto/Dynamic. Once configured, the DHCP server (running in the router) will give (allocate) the same IP address to the device (over and over and over…) and the device itself doesnt have to be configured to “know it” (statically configured).

All this configuration is done on the router side - you will need to know the MAC address(es) of the device(s).

Agreed, that is 100% a config issue with your router. The camera gets it IP from the router.

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Google WiFi only has an option to select a device and reserve its current assigned IP. I can see the reserved IP address in the pool, but sometimes the same Wyze Cam with the same MAC address will appear in the list with a new IP address, while the old reservation is still in the list.

Hmm. Maybe the “old” entry was when it was configured to use Dynamic? And have we validated all cams are set to Registration?

What options are available for DHCP Type (on the router side)?

The only option is to select a device from the pool and to reserve its IP. I can also turn DHCP off but then I would need to manually set all device IPs. There is no ‘Registration’ option.

Bummer : /

Guess I’ll pass on Google’s router.

Maybe Google used different terminology for "Registration "?

Wait … so “Reserve” IS Registration for Google??

Its not a bug with the router… its a problem with he wyzecam firmware. You can find discussion on other threads about it. Apparebtly the camera has one Chinese mac at boot and then it generates a new Mac address … this obviously makes the RTSP firmware all but useless as there also appears to be no way to set the device to use a static ip and any system using RTSP needs to know the IP address
Just got my cameras today and will be returning them because of this issue.

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This issue was resolved for me when I removed my google wifi and got a wrt router that I can bind mac addresses to specific ip addresses. I’ve heard google really opened up features in the last few weeks, but when I had them I found that the google pucks weren’t fast enough for more than 2 cams on the network. Don’t know if the newer nest ones are faster though.