TinyCam Pro IP changing?

I noticed today that one of my RTSP cameras lost the feed in TinyCam Pro. I could still see the fee in the Wyze App, but not in TinyCam.

I started troubleshooting and power cycling the camera and the router and it wasn’t until I noticed the RTSP info had changed in TinyCam, the IP address of the camera.

To me, this is very, very strange as that can ONLY be done manually. I am the only person that has access to TinyCam, not even my wife has the password to anything.

Now I am very concerned because the only other person that would be able to do that is the App developer. My network setup is very secured as I have a very strong firewall system, so no, nobody hacked my network. I worry that the TinyCam app developer might have access to our live feed, which is extremely troublesome.

I can imagine changing the IP address to see if the feed from another possible camera connected.
This is very concerning.

The Wyze cams have a known issue where they occasionally present a completely different MAC address and thus may get a different IP address from your DHCP server, even if you have lease reservations.

How exactly that would change within TinyCam I can’t tell you. But if you happen to be using the Wyze cloud credential compatibility and not the RTSP string credentials (TinyCam supports both) then it could have handled the IP address change transparently.

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