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Please, is there no upgrade that could offer wwyze camera static ip addressing system than dhcp it already has. With my nvr through rtsp upgrade I did, whenever the ip address changes, I have to manually change it on the system. I like wyze camera but that will make it more ideal for easy use.

I have posted your submission in #ask-the-community because (while I’m not much of a networking expert), I think some of our resident experts may be able chime in here with solution for you that doesn’t require any change to the camera firmware.


With my router and if I wished to, I can assign a static IP address to any MAC ID on my network. Even if it set to request a random IP via DHCP. Maybe your router has the same functionality. I use this to make sure my printers are always on the same IP addresses.

The feature may be called “DHCP Reservations” as well.


Pretty much any consumer router should let you bind a desired IP address to the MAC of each camera. The feature is variably called DHCP Reservation, DHCP Assignment, Static DHCP, etc. The ability to assign an IP to a specific MAC is a basic capability of the DHCP protocol the cameras use to obtain an IP address from the router.

I think it’s unlikely that Wyze will change their firmware (and the app’s UI) to support static addressing within the cameras (and other Wyze devices). If a fixed address plan for your cameras is something that’s important to you (and your existing router doesn’t have the ability to reserve IP addresses), you might consider upgrading your router to something current.


Assigning static LAN IPs needs to be done at the router. Post your router’s model number and someone might post the instructions on how to do this; it differs depending on the manufacturer.

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There is some useful information on for almost all major routers. But beware… At every available opportunity this website will try to sell you their software, which is not strictly necessary.