Static IPs for Wyze Cam v2 & Outdoor Cam

I haven’t been that vigilant about if this has already been covered but I was wondering if I could set a static IP for my Wyze cams with my router. Is it possible at all or would it potentially brick their connections?

I’m just getting started with ideas like this so excuse any . . . dumbness haha.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Green_Cafe and yes, I’ve wondered the same thing. In liu of static address used a reserved IP address assigned to the cam’s MAC address. The cam adjusted after reboot because it can’t communicate unless it uses the assigned address. I’ll listen if there is a better idea.

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I’m going to try that right now haha. Thanks for that idea! I’m also interested to hear if there are different ways to do this as well.

But beware - the V2s randomly revert to a different MAC address which will defeat your DHCP reservation.

Yeah I know it’s insane. Search the forum for more.


Thank you for the heads up @Customer. There is nothing random in my network. Changing MAC address will defeat the product’s ability to communicate. I am the benevolent dictator of my network.