Outdoor cam. Need to reset IP after initial configuration

I purchase an Outdoor cam pre order last summer. Just got around to installing it last night.

I have 4 VLANS in my house for different purposes. One of them is for all of my IOT devices, cameras, Tstats, Wx stations etc.

Last night I opened the box and configured the base unit and cam on my PRIVATE VLAN just to remove any possible variable that might interfere with proper setup. It set up fine.

Now that I know all is well, I want to assign it to the IOT VLAN. I took it to it’s final location and plugged it in to the appropriate switch port. While the camera still shows up in the app, it is STILL on my private VLAN. 192.168.1.X . It should be on the 10.10.10.X VLAN.

When I view it in my network management app, it has an IP of Yet the WYZE phone app shows it as NEITHER OF THESE ARE CORRECT !!!. The base unit is connected to a switch port that has a DHCP range of -

Neither the base station nor the camera are accepting a DHCP assignment from this 10.10.10.x VLAN.

Please provide me with a means for resetting the IP to accept a DHCP address from the correct VLAN.

You’ll need to delete the Base & Cam from the app. Power down the Base & Cam.
Delete the DHCP lease in the router or leave it disconnected until the lease expires.
The Wyze Base and Outdoor Camera have their own private lan (192.168.200.x) which is not accessable.

Bring up the Wyze Base on the new 10.10.10.x vLAN and reinstall it w/cam.
Your iPhone must be on the same 10.10.10.x network to install and stream.
You may stream from another network after installation but will be same as stream from another location.

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