Connecting Base to WiFi

Installed an outdoor cam yesterday. Want to unplug the base from the router and set it to wifi. Instructions say to go to base settings - device info - change connection. When I go to “device info”, it does not give me an option for “change connection”. I’m certain that I’m in the correct menu. How can I set the base to wifi?

Welcome to the forums! Is you app/base/wco up to the current version and firmware? What versions are on each? That feature was added to the base firmware on its latest version, any before that won’t have it.


Thanks, that’s helpful. The base station is WVODB1 and we’ve updated to the latest firmware but still aren’t able to switch it to wifi.

Did you go to change connection and tap on ethernet > then choose wi-fi? Make sure you connect to the 2.4 network.

Hi there,

The menu doesn’t give me the option to change connection. I checked a number of times to make sure I was in the correct menu and it’s simply not there.

What Wyze app version are you on?

Updating the app worked. Phew! I thought I was on the current version. Thank you :slight_smile:

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