Can't connect to the base station

Hi! After updates i cant connect to the base station or camera. I see Base sation in my WiFi networks but when i try to connet it asks my password. But i dont know the password. How to connets and setup all this gear again if i cant connet to the base station?

You have to connect to the camera through the app. You won’t be able to do it from your router.

i want to reinstall all stuff.

Base Station ask me password for connect it to the app on my phone

Put your phone on your 2.4 GHz network. There is no need to reinstall unless you already deleted everything. The password it is looking for is the one for your 2.4 network.
If you deleted the base you have to start again.


Hi! when i try to add base station in to the app, the app ask me find Wyze station in my WiFi network. I my network i see just WYZE_jh656y6y6yg5y65g5 and when i tap on it - see the screen like “please insert the password”.
i tried insert my WiFi password but it doesn’t works. Looks like something wrong after update.

Are you using the same Wyze account you first registered the base station on?

Also, it is asking you to go to your wifi setting on your phone, not the device list your router is connected to.