Base station connection via QR code

I do not have a router. Too rural for wired internet. I use a mobile hotspot. The app says I can scan the base station QR code and connect to my phone which is on the hotspot WiFi. I’ve got the base station listed in the iPhone WiFi available locations now but I need a password foe the base station. Anyone know where I would get that password? I do not see it on the base station itself.


It is looking for the password for your network. If you read the directions for the base you will see that it First has to be connected via ethernet to a router to set it up on a 2.4GHz network, You can then change it to connect via what ever Wi-Fi network you want to use “if” you have the correct and current firmware an app. Directions for base set up" below. You could find a person with a modem/router, have them set up a guest network on their 2.4 network. Name the guest net work and assign a password. Connect the base to the guest network via ethernet then go to the settings, change connection in the app and switch the base to your mobile hot spot network. Best that I can think of.


That makes sense to try the guest router routine. The only instructions in the box were to “follow the instructions on the app” which are minimal at best. Thanks for the link to more complete instructions.
Now I need to find somebody with a router. My neighbors all have wireless WiFi systems like I do.

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I just want to share that it seems the behavior for the Wyze outdoor cam base station was changed with firmware, it does not allow you to “pick” a wifi network and enter the items like it did when it was first introduced. I can share that this has been an “issue” for me since I am attempting to just use a hot spot that is wifi only.