Outdoor Cam Setup

Just installed my outdoor cam per instructions. Note: I don’t care for products that don’t have a written overview of the network topology required, i.e., I accomplished the setup as instructed by plugging into my router. Unfortunately my router signal will not reach to where I need to place the base station so it can communicate with the camera. Do I wipe everything out and start over by doing the setup through the WAP (wireless access point) I have for that part of the property?

Can’t you just plug the base into the wireless access point if it has a ethernet port?

Yes. So the base station needs to be connected to the network via Ethernet?

Yes. After it is set up you can try to change it to wireless but you will see on the forum many people have had a lot of issues with doing that. It does work for some but I have never tried it myself. It is “supposed” to work wireless but needs to be set up on the base first.

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Ok thanks. I’ll see if it will work the cam from the wap

The last paragraph show how to switch to wi-fi

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Well first of all we have 2 base stations that we run at our house,and we have them mounted up Hi like at 12-14ft. 1 is pluged into my 24 port switch the other is on wifi on other side of house so we are getting up to 80 feet +

I purchased my Wyze Outdoor Cam as it was wireless, and I assumed would be wirelessly connected to my house wifi network. However, since I use a phone as a hotspot, how can I get it set up, given Step 6:
Plug one end of the provided Ethernet cable into the Base Station, and the other end into the back of your router?
I haven’t seen any phones with ethernet sockets, so how can I set my camera and base station up?

Well go get a hot spot device with the RJ45 on the back all the wireless carriers sell them,then if you want you can buy a cheap 4-6 port switch