Outdoor Cam - Ethernet Connection - Really?

I purchased the Outdoor Cam when it was first announced. It’s arriving later this week.

I had NO idea that the Base Station had to be wired to my router. I thought it was connected via wifi, allowing me to place it anywhere in my house, then it communicates with the Outdoor Cam via it’s proprietary connection, up to 300 feet away. This scenario makes the cam usable on my property.

Now that I know that the Base Station has to be wired to my router, that my router is in a remote location in my house, and that I will not run Ethernet cable anywhere, this product may be dead on arrival for me.

Anyone else in this situation?


It’s a bad design, that’s for sure. One possibility you can do if you don’t want to return it is to get a cheap wifi extender. Many of them have an ethernet port built in. You could put it somewhere closer to your camera, it will connect to your network via wifi and provide an ethernet port at the same time.
Not a great answer, but it’s an option

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What you want is an Access Point which is a mode that most extenders have.

Same here. Just received my Wyze Outdoor yesterday and it looks like I will not be installing till I get a remote access point to plug in the RJ45 connector to, Not happy.

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I realize that I should have read the posts in this forum before writing this post. Lots of customers saying the same thing, I am a technical person, and although I am aware that there is some language in the early advertising materials, it certainly didn’t grab my attention, nor the attention of others making their voices heard in this forum. It seems that this is the kind of thing they’d want to highlight a sidebar note or alert on their page to those considering this product.

I hope that from a product design perspective, Wyze takes this into consideration for future products. Doesn’t help us, but maybe they can do better going forward.

One question re: Access Points…

I have a TP-Link WiFi repeater that has an access point mode. Haven’t used it in a few years. But, I believe you hard-wire that to your router (via Ethernet) to provide another WiFi broadcast device that can be placed at a distance from your router.

Is it a “wireless bridge” mode that we need? Something that works in reverse to an access point in that it receives the WiFi signal and then provides an Ethernet connection for the device needing an internet connection?

A little confused!

Actually, yes, you are correct. A bridge is what you want.
Sorry to misdirect and thanks for the correction.

Just to confirm, I posted in another thread on this same topic where posters are talking about using WiFi Extenders for this purpose. Maybe Extenders can work in reverse??

I have an extender that would work but, being an extender, it slows the transmission speed to gain distance.
A bridge just converts Ethernet to Wifi.