Outdoor cam - base station

I have 3 of the new outdoor cam… they look great. I have the 1st one setup and working fine in my Office. I have the base station up & running, connected to my switch here in the office. Cam is fully charged and functioning well. As i move these Cams to their outside locations… Does the base station always have to be plugged into a switch/router ?? or can it sit in a window sill, with direct line of site outside Cams, Powered on but no switch/router connection. it will be able to see the WI-Fi internally.

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The base station must be plugged into your router/switch for setup, than it can be connected wirelessly.

Here’s some information on how to connect the base wirelessly:

FYI, anyone reading this thread, this has changed. You can now go wireless. Follow instruction in the app.

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