Must base station say plugged into router?

To set up the camera and base station, the base station must be plugged into the router. Then the camera gets set up. I want to locate the camera on the diagonally opposite side of the house from where my router is located. The base station has antennae, so must the base station–with which, I assume, the camera itself communicates–stay plugged into the router or can the base station be moved as a freestanding unit elsewhere after it and the camera have been set up?

My outdoor camera hasn’t arrived yet, but I’d like to know this in advance. The online tutorials I’ve seen don’t address the question.

The base station can be deployed via LAN (Wired) or Wireless. Once Setup you can move to the location or your choice within range.

Reference below:


You can move it after you have setup the wifi

Thanks. I have a feeling I will need to, but will leave it in place if I don’t.