Outdoor Cam Base Station Needs Ethernet Connection?

I see that the setup guide says to plug in the base station to my router via Ethernet cable. My question is once it’s set up, can I unplug it or it needs to be always connected physically to the router. Thanks.

Found my answer here:

A little disappointing that it’s not completely wireless, but oh well…

My router has only 2 Ethernet ports. One port is connected to the cable modem. The other port is connected to an unmanaged network switch or hub. When my outdoor cam arrives can I just plug the base station into the network switch?

I use that network switch to run ethernet cable to a television, a Roku, and another room in my condo.

Yes, just plug the base into your network switch/hub.

Is your router with the 2 Ethernet ports also doing wifi to existing cams? If yes, I don’t see any problems unless you manually configured IP addresses and/or have subnets.

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I just received my outdoor cam and tried plugging the base into my Ethernet switch. Blue light keep flashing. I tried plugging it directly into Netgear Orbi and it works. Does not work with switch. I need the switch because there only two Ethernet ports on router.

Welcome to the forums! Make sure the port you use on the switch for the base staion doesn’t have any firewall or any settings blocking traffic enabled.

If you’re using a common unmanaged Ethernet switch plugged into a known good Ethernet port on your router, you should be able to connect. I assume you’re using an existing switch that you know works. How long did you wait for a solid blue light? My 1st outdoor cam base connected in about 45 seconds. My second outdoor cam base blinked blue for almost 5 minutes before it finally went solid blue… no idea why it took so long.