Outdoor Cam base station isn't wireless?

New to the forums but have been using the cams for a while.

I tried to find anything similar to this but this should really be evaluated again…

Why have a base station that must be plugged into the router/hub/switch? Was is it even discussed to make it wireless like the competition(looking at you Blink)? Why not have it connect like the V2 and pan cam?

I use a 4 port switch as that is all I need and I really have no desire to start planning out the purchase of another larger port switch to accommodate something that really should be one upping the competition instead of going backwards.
If I decide to use the ODC as my main indoor/outdoor system instead of having multiple vendors (looking at you again Blink) I now have to plan out where another switch and base station must be positioned to cover the property in an effort to replace at the least 10+ cameras(BTW we need a one price option for multiple cams instead of per cam. Nest did that for a bit and now they have the bundle option like Ring) .

Any information would be great as I hate to think I wasted money thinking the ODC would be flexible enough to replace Blink…


Welcome to the Wyze community!
The base station does need to be hard-wired to your router or device with an Ethernet post that’s connected to your network for setup. You can then connect it to WiFi after if needed with a recent firmware update.

I use a nest wifi/mesh system to avoid that very thing. :neutral_face:

doesn’t the nest pods have a ethernet port to use?

The older google wifi pods do but they ditched that on the nest wifi pods

Agree. Was surprised to unpack it and find out I need to plug into Ethernet. Fortunately I have a wired wall extender laying around so my disappointed only lasted a few mins.

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I had the same unhappy experience when our outdoor camera arrived today. I fully expected that the base station would just need to be plugged into an electric outlet - not into a router which in my case is not possible because my router is in an On-Q cabinet that has no room for the base station and is quite far away from the outdoor location. I will be returning it. I have really enjoyed my original camera and the pan cam.


Sorry but I feel this is a complete bait and switch, having to have a permanent ethernet connection. I’m pretty technical and would not have missed this if it had been included in the early purchase information.
Bought 3 of these and definitely feel scammed.
Was an early adopter for your original camera and was eagerly waiting for an actual outdoor camera.
I doubt I will be buying any future products.


It was included in the early purchase info and was well known that the base needed a wired connection


I honestly didn’t see that very important piece of info when I ordered both of mine or I would have waited until they solved that issue. I only found out after a few recent reviews started popping up.
It’s one of those things that wyze should have been able to one up blink on instead of taking it a step backward with a mandatory ethernet cable connection.

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I reviewed said ‘early purchase info’?

In fact the pre-order advertisement page stated “Wyze Cam Outdoor Move it. Mount it. Record it. Anywhere, wire-free.”

Then, further down was the following:

Go where wires can’t.
Wire-free & battery powered. Mount to the outside of your home or in your trees without running wire or searching for outlets. 2x 2,600 mAh integrated rechargeable batteries last from 3-6 months based on normal usage.*

The pictures of the base only show a USB plug. No Ethernet plug displayed.

Later is the statement "We cut wires, removed boundaries, and lab tested under every extreme condition imaginable. "

Did a search on the pre-order page for “ethernet”. No hits.

The details page has no mention of ethernet. The specs page finally mentions ethernet next to wireless protocol. No mention that ethernet is required.

Finally under FAQs are the statements
“Why does the camera require a base station? The base station is primarily used to improve the battery life by keeping the camera power consumption low. It also provides a reliable internet connection via an ethernet cable and removes compatibility issues with different router brands.”
" Is the base station wired via ethernet or is it wireless via WiFi ? The base station connects to your internet router via ethernet. This is to ensure the best and most reliable experience at launch. Allowing wireless base station connections to your router is a possibility that will require additional testing from us to verify that it can be done without harming connectivity."

So no it was not “well known” and yes it was included in the early purchase information, buried halfway down on the last page you could possibly access.
If this was a financial product, you would be facing a UDAAP violation.

So I stand by my statement. Advertising the lack of wires was repeated over and over and was misleading at best.


Also I had to dig into the details/specs/faq page to find this information., If this information had been on the overview page and in images showing the port rather than buried in the tech pages I think the “early birds” might have waited on getting this “worm”.

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They should also make the instructions a size that a normal person can read without having to copy and enlarge the guide. Ridiculously small and light text.

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I will agree the advertising could have been much clearer, all I said was it was included in the info, I always read the FAQ but I do know everyone doesn’t. I also said it was well known because it was a complaint about it before it was even sold. I will admit that I may think it was more well known than it was because I am reading posts and helping with the forum on a daily basis. Bottom line, it was in the info but yes should have been placed up front.


It definitely was well known. And Wyze posted a setup video back in June on the outdoor cam that shows the ethernet cable connecting to the base. It was also mentioned several times in Early Access and the Beta threads.



Beg to differ. First, the video you reference was posted on 6/29/20. The advertisement email I received from Wyze was on 6/23/20, six days earlier. The order was placed the same day, based on the information provided in the advertisement, which has already been described.
It is not unreasonable for a consumer to rely on information provided in an advertisement and the product information page referenced in said advertisement. To have to hunt through early access and beta threads supports my point, that the information was not in fact provided in an obvious manner.


I saw on the demos they have posted where they show it recording in the woods, seaside, mountains, and near a train. How was ethernet connected in those situations? How do you get ethernet in the woods or on a concrete wall next to a train track?

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Opened a support ticket to return this thing. Had no idea it needed ethernet. Okay, maybe that’s on me, maybe I should have invested an hour (or more) in forum reading, scanning FAQs and watching videos - but I didn’t - I jumped on the pre-order - as I’ve done with every Wyze product - and this time I feel like I got scammed.
It says on the packaging in TWO places “wire free”. There is nothing on the package that says that a permanent ethernet connection will be required. Anyone seeing two antennas on the base station - as shown on the packaging - is going to expect that this is all wireless. Period.
Wyze should be expecting a lot of these back. This wasn’t handled properly.
Oh, and based on the first few days experience and lots of reading, the 6 additional cameras a family member ordered and the various starter bundles will be coming back too.
Very disappointed Wyze. Shame on you.


PS: the base station is cleverly shown on the packaging with no ethernet port visible.

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