Wyze Base Station Setup

I just received my Wyze Outdoor Cam Kit. I noticed that the Base Station needs to be hard wired to the router. Is there a wireless connection selection? I have a Google Wifi and it does not have any ethernet port to expand connection. I can’t set up my Wyze Base Station without plugging in the ethernet cable. Please help

The Base Station must be hard wired to the router , that’s the only way it works


Google Wifi has 2 Ethernet ports on the bottom of each puck. You can simply plug into either port on any puck.

Google Nest Wifi has 2 Ethernet ports only on the router puck. The Point pucks have no Ethernet ports.

Are you using Google Nest Wifi?


That’s sucks. Wish you guys thought about witeless connection too

Oh ok. Thank you

Yes Im using Google Mesh Wifi

Cool… just plug into the green or black Ethernet ports to the left or right of the blue microUSB port in the middle.


Thank you so much. I thought I have no use of this Outdoor cam base.


Glad to be of help and welcome to the Wyze community dudj. :+1:t2:

Where can I buy that cowboy hat for the cam outdoor?

Thank you

The cowboy hat is not for sale. It was a “special surprise gift” for the first 50,000 backers (early access purchasers) of the outdoor cam:


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Hmm little disappointing for me, got my Outdoor cam and was excited to get it set up, i planned to use it on my boat as a rear view camera looking down on my swim step. opened it ahhh ethernet. my wifi system on the boat is a marine dome with a celluar network but its all enclosed and no ethernet acesss i’m afraid. so i think its totally unusable.
unless there is some way to connect it via Wifi, have to say i had no idea it was a hrad wire only until i got it. maybe i missed it but it certainly wasn’t obvious.

You can use a wifi Extender like the GlI, may of which are available on Amazon, Just be sure that the one you pick does have an Ethernet port on it. Then connect it to your boat Wifi and plug in the WOC Base. I’m assuming that 110v is not an issue on your boat.

that’s a great idea- thanks !!!

I just saw this reply. I was planning on using my outdoor camera with my RV. I use MIFI device to connect all my devices. This isn’t going to work. Looks like I’ll have to also get a GII. Love Wyze devices but a wireless setup would be a much-wanted feature, HINT, HINT.

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