Wyze Cam Outdoor connectivity

My Wyze Cam Outdoor camera only works connected via ethernet cable to router even though I tried to change “connectivity” Is this normal?
I thought I could connect via my Verizon Fios wifi. I am not a tech person just confused? Any help is appreciated

I assume you are talking about a Battery Powered WYZE Cam Outdoor with base station?
You are supposed to be able to have the base station connect to the router wireless after it is set up plugged in via ethernet. I have never tried it, but many have and many have failed. You can not connect the cameras directly to your Wi-Fi, they need the Wi-Fi from the base.

Thank you for the quick reply.
Yes, I have the camera set up and working via the base but I thought that I could unplug the base ethernet cable to router and the router would communicate with the base via wifi. I tried and each time it fails and stops working until I reconnect the base to router via ethernet cable. I’m trying to eliminate the cable to the router

Yes the base should work wireless after set up. I know there are other users that have done it and it worked out great for them but others no so much. I have never had the need to try it, all my four old WCO v1 cams have a great signal from the base as it is.

Maybe the information at the end of this thread will help you out? worth a chance?