Wyze cam outdoor Connection Issue

I have a iPhone 12 when I open the app I can only view my Wyze cam outdoor if I am on Wi-Fi on my phone if I turn my Wi-Fi off and open one of the cameras it stays connected for one or two seconds you can watch the k/bs in the top left of the camera view drop right off to zero. I have had these for along time and had no issues before. I have reset the base station and cameras still won’t work. Any ideas?? Thanks

What version of software are you running? I don’t have an iPhone but upgrading the software would be the first step to the solution.
Try upgrading the software.
The problem you are describing is very much related to your phone and not the Wyze camera(s).

Software and Firmware is all up to date. I just tried it on my wife’s Samsung phone and it does the same thing.

I just test one cam for 1 minute on cell data only and it works just fine as it always has. It goes between 123 k/bs to about 55 k/bs. iPhone SE 2020 iOS 15, Verizon cell provider 2 bar signal. I had an issues earlier today when the 4 WCO wouldn’t connect on wi-fi. I forced closed the app opened it again and all is working as designed.

Is the base station wired via ethernet or is it wireless via WiFi ?

Wyze Base Station can be used wired with an ethernet cable or wirelessly with WiFi. The base station requires an ethernet connection to the router during setup. Once setup is complete, you can either keep the wired connection, or switch to a WiFi connection in the Wyze app.