Can't connect outdoor cam where I want to put it

I’ve just gotten my 2nd outdoor camera and cannot get it to connect in the location I want to put it.

On the ledge of my front porch about 4’ off the ground . It’s maybe 30-35 feet from the base station. My first outdoor is about the same distance but high up in a tree. Yes there are more doors and walls between the base and the 2nd camera, but still not a lot.

I don’t really have another place to put it for it to show what I want it to. Any help would be appreciated.


Is your Base Station on WiFi, or an Ethernet cable? If a cable, be aware that you can switch it to WiFi and move it closer to the camera (I’d go halfway).


Thanks for the info. I didn’t realize I could just connect to WiFi without the cable. Followed all the directions that I found and couldn’t get it to connect even with it sitting right next to the router.

I think I’ve found a place outside where the camera will work to see what I want to see. Again, thanks for the info.

There are some instructions here under “Want to unplug your Base Station from your router?”:

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