How to move Outdoor camera off of base station

I have an outdoor camera that got attached to a base station, yet it’s very close to my regular wifi network. I think at one point the camera was close to the base station. It has since been moved so it’s always dropping from the network because it pretty far from the base station. I don’t see a way to make it forget that it’s connected to the base station so I can just connect it to my indoor wifi.

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The Wyze Camera Outdoor (WCO) Battery powered one, connects to the base station and not to your local WiFi. The Base Station is what connects to your Network via WiFi or Ethernet. I would simply move the Base Station closer to the Camera and see if that corrects the issue.

Not sure how you have the Base Station connected, if it is connected via Ethernet and there is an Ethernet Drop closer to the Camera, move it there. If you have an AP or Wireless Node, those may have an Ethernet port in it for you to use.

Another option is to try and connect your Base Station to WiFi. Here is a link Wyze Provides on how to do that:


That makes sense. I’ll replace the camera with a regular Wyzev3 and move this outdoor unit back to where it was. I didn’t fully understand the architecture.


I fully understand, it does get confusing at times. If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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How many power dots does it show on on the hub/base.? Also we have ours mounted at12ft up and have great coverage,once you have the camera where you want it power cycle it so it can re home its self