Base station for outdoor cam not connecting to router

I am trying to set up the base station for my new outdoor cam and it won’t connect to the router. It won’t scan the QR code either.

Here is what I’ve done:

  1. I connect my phone to my wifi. I turned off cellular to see if it would help and it didn’t.
  2. I plug it into power and a port in the back of router.
  3. When the light is solid blue, I tap next.
  4. I connect to the wyze wifi band that it tells me to.

Then I wait and wait and wait, Eventually I get a message that it couldn’t connect and it asks me to try again or try the QR code. I’ve tried both ways, but no success. It won’t even read the QR code at all.

Nothing is ever straightforward with Wyze so hopefully, someone smarter than me is willing to help.


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Your phone need to be the correct distance from the bottom of the base to scan, try about 6 inches and move in closer or try this: Make sure your router is on the 2.4 ghz network . Make sure your network password doesn’t have any spaces or special characters also.

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I still can’t set up the base station. I’ve gone to the basic directions for set up and troubleshooting. It still won’t connect.

My router automatically chooses the 2.4 network for my Wyze app.

What were you saying about the VPN?

I said nothing about VPN that is from the directions I posted. I said go to your iPad/ iphone wi-fi under settings on the iPhone and make sure your phone is connected to the 2.4GHz network you are setting the base up on. Turn cell data on the iPhone off while doing the set up but don’t forget to turn it back on. Plug the power in for the base, plug an ethernet cable from the base into your router, if the supplied one doesn’t work try another. If the light turns solid blue it must be connected you just can’t finish set up for some reason. Can you take a photo of the QR code on the base, print it out in a reasonable size and try to scan it that way, that has worked for others.

had the most incredibly sad experience with several Wyze technical support reps today. Got frustrated and asked to speak with a supervisor. I was refused twice. Had to cancel my subscription after I was denied a 3rd time. Curious as to why a security co. is hiding it’s management team? Also wondering if they’re hiring. Might be a great place for those in witness protection. obviously taking my business elsewhere!