Looksl like you need to set up base station

I’m trying to add a outdoor camera ( one that I deleted) and every time I get–>>Looks like you need to set up a base station<<. Well,I don’t.My base is set up.I’m controlling cameras and smart plugs from my base. So whats the problem here.Why can’t I add a camera???

I think you are confused about base station. You can not control anything from the WYZE Outdoor Camera Base station, it just connects to you router and the outdoor cameras connect to the base wi-fi signal.


Right–When I click on outdoor cam to add it,my app says >>Looks like you need to set up a base station< I’m controlloing all cameras and smart plugs with my phone and I just want to add a camera that I deleted (because I was trying to get it to work with card)
Here is the steps I take…
open app
touch +
add device
wyze cam outdoor
Then next page says "looks like you need to set up a base station.
Which is already set up
At the bottom of the page it has a green bar with “add base station”
That is as far as I can go to adding a camera,and I’m thinking I must not be able to add any device If I can’t add a camera.
I think my app has serious problems.I can “never” get to advanced setting either when I go to camers-hit gear icon,and no advanced settings.All it has is
device info
wyze support
travel mode
travel mode password
delete device
Any suggestions?

I hope your camera was not off line when you deleted it. I’m using iOS app with one base station and 4 WCO version 1 without issue. The firmware I am using is Base and camera is
Is the Led Light on your base station solid Blue, is it connected via ethernet or wi-fi.?
Does the Version 2 WCO use the same firmware as version 1 , I assume so ?

Mine looks like this and it also has the others you mentioned.

Base has solid blue light and is connected with ethernet cable.
Camera was just fully charged and online when I deleted
I DO NOT have the advanced setting or accessories on my app.
My app has the same
Something is not right here

Can you post a picture of your base? You say “I’m controlling smart plugs from my base”, but the Outdoor Camera’s base does not control anything but Outdoor Cameras. You might think the Sense Hub is an Outdoor Camera base. It isn’t.

Actually controlling devices with the app on my phone.Here is a few pics and screen shots. As you can see,I have a base station set up.

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and phone

What I think I am seeing is you are not on the primary user account; you are on a shared account.

In that situation the Base would still be assigned to the primary account. No big deal when you view the shared camera, but if you try to add an Outdoor Camera directly to this shared account, then you will get an alert that you do not have a Base, because the Base is not visible to this account. It is not on your device list on the Home tab.

So, best thing to do is to add the camera to your primary account, and share it with this account.

BTW, being on a shared account is also why you don’t have all the menu items. A shared user is restricted on what they can do.

And your Plugs are controlled directly by the app. They do not have anything to do with the Base. The Base only controls up to 4 Outdoor Cameras. From the primary account. :slight_smile:

This is what I see when I open the iOS app. I have one V3 at the top of the list and the 4 WCO and Base are showing here.