Need help re-linking Wyze Outdoor Cam to my app

Attempted to do an update on my Wyze Outdoor Cam over the holiday weekend and the camera went offline and never came back up. I removed both the cam and the base station from my app so I could attempt to reconnect them and see if I can get it working again. I was able to add the base station back with no issues, but I cannot get the cam to add. The add procedure wants me to press the sync button and waits for the light to flash yellow to pair it with the base station, but it is already paired (both the cam and base station have a solid blue light.) So the cam is still linked to my base station, but I cannot figure out how to add it back to my app. Can anyone help?

Did you force close the app and then open it again. Before you do that go to account>app setting on the app and clear the cache.

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Yes, I have force closed the app. I also tried clearing the cache as you suggested, but it did not change anything. The camera and base are linked together, but I cannot add the camera into my app because of that.

I am unable to get through to Wyze support on the phone, either. It just says they have limited hours due to a storm, but I am calling during those limited hours.

If you open your app what do you see? the first pic here is my app home page, the second picture is what shows up if I tap on the base icon on the bottom of the first picture. Does your cam show in the second picture?

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I got through to someone at Wyze via email and they had me manually flash the new firmware onto the camera, and that allowed me to resync it to the base station (and the app). Thanks for the help everyone!

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Hi there. I’m having the exact same issue. How did you get the camera to pair with the base again? I can’t figure it out and having a hard time connecting with Wyze Support. Thanks!

  1. Wyze Cam Outdoor firmware files can be found on the Release Notes page.
  2. Download the specific version of firmware from the Release Notes.
  • Windows 10: Right-click in the folder and select extract all.
  • Mac: Drag and drop (extract) the folder to the root directory of your microSD card. The folder name should be sd_update
  1. Insert the SD card into the camera, then power cycle it (flip the power switch Off, then back On).
  2. The camera will start the firmware flash process. The status light will have both the blue and yellow lights on at the same time.
  3. Once flash is complete, the camera will reboot itself. Wait until the status light becomes solid blue again. If already set up, it should reconnect automatically. Otherwise, setup can be attempted again at this point.
  4. Take out the microSD card and remove the folder “sd_update” from it. If left in, the camera will enter firmware flashing mode every time it reboots.
  5. Remove the microSD card and power cycle the camera again by flipping the power switch again.

Push the setup button on the hub/base and the light should be blinking now hold the setup button on the camera untill you here it talk,that should work that’s how our service technicians do it