Wyze Cam Outdoor connecting issue

I bought 4 wyze cam outdoor back in March 2021. i was outside yesterday and heard one of my cameras saying Pairing is in progress please wait… this morning i got a notification on my phone that said that cameras battery was at 20% so i went outside and took the camera down brought it inside plugged it in to the charging cable for 2-3 hours. the light was solid red so i unplugged it opened the wyze app on my phone and was seeing if i could get it to reconnect with my app, no luck. i deleted the camera from my device list on my app to start over from the beginning. i figured it would be easier this way. it turns out its not. i click add device>cameras>outdoor cam it says press the sync button until you hear pairing is in progress please wait. so i hear that and the light is flashing yellow on the back of the camera the lights on my base station are flashing blue and yellow. after sitting there for awhile it says Move your cam closer to your base station but my cam is sitting within a couple of inches from my base station. is there a way to like hard reset the camera? I’ve never had this problem before what do i do? thanks

Did you try to turn the cam off and then back on again?. I charge my cameras when they get to 40% which is about every 6 weeks. I never turn them off while charging, takes about 1 hour 40 min. I remove the plug and the cams connect automatically. Can you view your other cams in live view? There is not a hard reset for the WCO, just a power cycle off then back on.

Yes I turned it off and on about ten times before trying to set it back up. yes i am able to view the other 3 in live view. I guess I shouldn’t have deleted it from the app

Is you phone connected to the same 2.4 network you are trying to set it up on? Is the base connected via ethernet?

yes they are connected to the same network

it is connected via ethernet

Which version of firmware are you using for the cam and base? Maybe you can try loading the latest working firmware back on the camera and see if that works ?? I don’t know what else to tell you as I have never had this issue. Manual firmware installation:

my base is on as it says that is the latest and it is up to date i have no way of knowing about the camera unless it is the same as my other outdoor cams which is

It is probably the same as the others ?? You could still try to load it again, nothing to lose.

i need to flash the firmware for the base station … correct?

No, just do the one camera. The other 3 are working so that means the base with is still working.
I am also using base and on my 4 working cams.

ok thanks

Make sure you use a clean SD card to download and add the firmware with.

so i downloaded the new firmware put it on the sd card had the camera off put the sd card in the camera turned it on. and instead of it flashing blue and yellow at the same time like the instructions said it would its flashing yellow then nothing yellow then nothing back and forth

Well I am out of ideas, time for you to call support and explain your issue and tell them all you have done. You will probably need to give them the date and place or purchase, model # and MAC address which is on the bottom of the cam.

206-339-3226 or 1-844-999-3226 M-F 4 AM to 8 Pm or Saturday 8 AM-4PM.

Good luck

i finally got it after trying it a few times. thank you for your help i appreciate it very much have a great weekend

Happy to hear you got your cam to come back to life :smiley: