Wyze Cam Outdoor won’t reconnect to network

So I go to the Troubleshooting page and see this - “ It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t delete your Wyze Cam Outdoor or the Base Station from the Wyze app while they show Offline, as this will prevent you from being able to set them up again.” Really? huh. That’s great. Now what do I do?

If it shows 1 of the outdoor cameras with a circle with a line in it ,it’s off line and or dead battery,from time 2 time we have at one site that the camera just died,we have a remote power source to it and turn it on then we go back in in 10 minutes to see it comes back on line

Yes, it did die but before it did I lost connection to it on the network. After charging it up it wouldn’t reconnect so I deleted it from the app to try and reinstall.

Did you flip the switch on it to power cycle it,and see if you get the blue light even you move your hand in front of it…

I have power cycled the camera several times. Not sure what you mean by “move your hand in front of it.” I only get the yellow light.

Hand in front of camera if it’s sinked to the hub it will turn blue,if you don’t get blue,power cycle the camera as well as the hub,

Thanks. That doesn’t work. The outdoor Cam only gets a yellow light. Sometimes the Sync button gives the audible response, sometimes it doesn’t. When it does it never syncs to the hub. I’m wondering if something inside the camera has failed…?

The outdoor if I remember it only tells you ready to connect, bring it inside and re home it,the easy way is to hit the button on the base and the lights will flash then on camera hold down the setup button until you here it talk,now it should be in pairing mode

Yes, I’ve done this MANY times. The CAM will not go blue and doesn’t always give the audible response when attempting to pair.

Put it on the charger,give it about 1 hr and re try it sounds like it’s dead,so you held down the setup untill it tryed to speak?if so put on charger.

Nope. The camera was plugged in and charging over night so it had plenty of time to charge. And as I said, the audio response, “Ready to pair” or whatever it is, doesn’t always sound. Sometimes when I press the sync button the camera will make a clicking sound like when its first powered up.

Well if it’s less than 1 year old you can do a wyze warranty replacement at Wyze

Looks like I bought the Outdoor Cam set up at the end of 2020. I guess this is a good time to think about upgrading my system. Thanks for you help.

Just go buy an add on camera only,it’s simple our office does it all the time you can get it on wyze.com or Amazon, we like Amazon best due to there return policy