Wyze Outdoor Cameras won't reconnect

Hi community, I have two outdoor cameras and if the base station loses power the cams will not reconnect to the base station. I have waited an hour and still hasn’t reconnected. The only way to reconnect the cameras is to turn off the cameras and turn them back on using the switch on the back, but obviously this is not aceptable. Please help!

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Well that completely stinks! I’m not going to test this myself as I don’t want to have to power cycle my two outdoor cams. I trust that you can recreate this problem. If so I highly advise you contact support to let them know about this issue. Are you running the most current firmware on both the base and cams?

Until WYZE resolves this, maybe you can purchase a small Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) for the base. This way when the power hiccups or goes out for a short period of time the base station will remain up and running via the battery backup.

Well today I decided to take my own advise and replaced the batteries in an old small UPS that I’ve had stashed in the back of a closet. I unplugged my WYZE outdoor base and plugged it into the UPS. I checked both of my outdoor cams about 5 minutes later and they were both working just fine.

I think the OPs problem is unique to his place or @ dnrodriguez is trying to connect to them too soon after power cycling the base.

I’ve lost power to the base multiple times intentionally as well as unintentionally and the cameras have always eventually reconnected by themselves, either with time or with the next wake up from motion.

I never lost power to by base station and my cam is placed under 25 feet from the station, 80% of the time, the cam doesn’t connect and I have to power cycle the cams and base station to get thing working again. There were other issues that I reported and was told pretty much to mount it in a “better” location. I have a different set of outdoor, battery power cams, for over 3 years, no issues and they are mounted even further from the house. Unless i brought a defected unit, definitely not ready to be released yet and a big difference in quality compared to their indoor cams. Unfortunately, too late to return to store.

If it is too late to return it is still under warrenty if it is defective.

I had some issues similar to what you’re describing with my 1st outdoor cam. The firmware updates that have come out resolved those issues for me. Are you running the most current release of firmware on your base as well as your outdoor cams?
Current Firmware Release Notes

Outdoor Cam:
Outdoor Base:

The base and camera firmware is updated to the latest version. I have tried turning off the power to the base and in the latest tests the problem has been fixed. I don’t really know what happened. I will continue to run some tests and keep you posted. Greetings!

I ran the update when it came out, same problem. I keep all my wyze cams up to date. A power cycle usually fix the issues for a while but it does return. Not ideal or convenient when it is an outdoor cam. I know when the issue has returned when i see the battery level doing better than normal. Which is another issue, it is no where near the 3-6 months as advertised.

Hmm, maybe it is time to open a support case and request a warranty exchange? Sorry to hear you’re having issues; I know issues such as your are both frustrating and disappointing.