Outdoor cam base station resync after power outage

Recently experienced power outages due to heavy winds and tree limb falling.
When power resumed, the base station lost all knowledge of the previously connected outdoor cam. Need to add and resync again. The outdoor cam still shows up in the wyze app,

I haven’t experienced this problem ( fortunately!), but what I would suggest is the you delete the cam from the app and then do the re-install process.
Hope you didn’t have any other damage!


From personal experience, after a loss of power, the WCO won’t reconnect right away but will reconnect by itself eventually. What I “THINK” happens is that there is a low power connection between the camera and the base that is lost. That connection should re-establish itself after some length of time where the WCO “checks” in with the base or motion wakes the camera forcing it to check in.


Same problem we experienced last night. This is a PITA as we may be on travel for extended periods of time and this is why we have more than a half a dozen cams to monitor the security of our remote rural property.

On the last extended travel we needed to power cycle the router to get connectivity back - being away we could not do that- so we just added a daily reset timer for 5 minutes off in the wee hours of the morning for the router, weather station, a couple of cameras and the base/outdoor cam. Now, the owc/base do not link, and suggest to power cycle the owc itself. While I can do that today, I won’t be able to do that all winter long.

My concern before we snowbird this winter that this needs an update/fix. We buy these products for security and safety and the owc is not giving me this feeling right now. And we need the battery cam option for remote mounting for several weeks at a time…