Wyze Cam Outdoor V1-I THINK - MODEL WVOD1 not Connecting

I have had this one outdoor working great, then stopped connecting. plugged in and chared til red light is solid and turned on. I get a blue blinking light and press sync and get a fast blue/yellow light, but will not connect through the app.

I know have to outdoor cameras i replaced with the updated pan I cant re-use elsewhere.

Would like some advice as to what to do?

Is the base plugged into the router and have a solid blue light?
Have you tried to restart the base by pulling the plug and plug back in?
Did you delete the cam from the app when it was off line, if so it will never connect again.
You should not have to press the sync button after the camera is charged, just turn it on and it should connect automatically just like recovering from a loss off power.
If you pressed the sync button more than once maybe the cam is trying to go to the Travel Mode.??

Restarting the base station worked.

Thanks very much