Two Wyze Cam Outdoor (v1&v2) - fully charged - LED not flasing yellow

Hi - As the title says, I need to reconnect them to the base station. I’m not getting the ‘flashing yellow’ as per Wyze’s instruction. Currently, the base station has been newly added and is connected via the ethernet cable to the router.
v1. After the power is switched On, the LED flashes briefly once yellow (never again) and once blue, then Off for 10-15 seconds, then flashes 6 times blue (keeps repeating this cycle over and over)
v2. Similar effect to v1, except the OFF, is only briefly for the first few minutes, flashes once purple, 6 times blue, then it remains OFF until I block the front of the camera, then it recycles the brief purple, then 6 times blue.

Any idea what to do or to check for? The WCO is only 3 days old, I have paired them once before, however, due to so many other issues, I decided to start fresh, starting by removing all devices and app. App update and all devices are updated with the newest FW.

I hope the cameras were not showing off-line when you deleted them from the app. Did you set the base up exactly as you did the first time, does it have a solid blue LED showing? Do the cameras say pairing in progress when you press the sync button on the bottom.

Thank you for your help!

@Antonius If I remember correctly, the cams were not offline when I deleted all of the devices (including the WCO) as well as Wyze app. Yes, I set the base station exactly the same as before deleting all devices. I didn’t try pressing the sync button, since I was waiting for the flashing yellow light. However, I’m sure if I press the sync button without the yellow flashing, it will say ‘paring is in progress, please wait.’

Is there any way I can have these cams flashing yellow first (before paring) as per instruction?


… What about the flashing yellow?

If it is flashing just yellow and not yellow/blue it shows the camera is trying to initialize and it is not completing the initializing step.

Both cameras are not flashing yellow at all, just the blue sequence as described above. Perhaps at one point, they did - initially.

If they are flashing blue it means they are trying to connect to your network and can’t if they don’t turn sold blue. Is the device you are using for the set up on the same 2.4 network? Did you try to power cycle the router? and or the base station again.

***another edit-If the cameras have SD cards in them take them out