Wyze Cam Outdoor setup in app doesn't work, "Add Base Station" button doesn't do anything

When I click on the “Add Base Station” button in the app it doesn’t do anything, neither on iPhone 11 Pro nor iPad 6th Gen both pretty current updates. Anyone else have this problem? Is there any other way e.g. on PC to add the camera and base station? Thank you.

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Just to be clear since I don’t know of an actual “Add Base Station” button, are you:

  1. Opening the Wyze app
  2. Pressing the ‘+’ symbol in the upper-left corner of the Home tab
  3. Choosing “Add Device”
  4. Choosing “Cameras”
  5. Then “Wyze Base Station”

Do you not get the following screens after following that process?

More info here (including video):


Hi and thanks for your reply; you are correct, I am new here and it is good to see an active community.
You are close but the steps I was taking are:
Open Wyze app
Press + symbol
Choose Add Device
Choose Cameras
Choose Wyze Cam Outdoor < This is where we diverge
When I select Wyze Cam Outdoor it says “Looks like you need to set up a Base Station” and there’s an “Add Base Station” button on the bottom. No amount of clicking will get that button to do anything. It happens on iPhone and iPad, both recently updated.
Add Base Station
Hmm, I can’t figure out how to add a photo in here; I clicked “Upload” but it just shows some text.
BTW, if you want to try it yourself you first have to delete your base station from the app.

Eventually I did find my way to your path and added the base station first then went back and added the camera so I’m moving on. It appears to be a bug in the app but I found a way around it so I’m ok for the moment. Thank you.


Thank you – you found a bug! I’ll see if I can get someone’s attention on it. I just happen to have 4 WOCs assigned to my Base, so it took me to the same screen. The button does nothing for me either.

Glad you are up! :slight_smile:


I will be eagerly checking my mail for the big finding reward check :wink:

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We are having same problem. Solid blue light on base station hooked to router but app freezes at the Add Base Station step. Completely maddening after all of the other troubleshooting we’ve done on this.

You can get around it, at least I did, by adding the base station first and then adding the camera.

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