Wyze Outdoor Cam wifi network change

Can some point me on how to change the wifi network for the outdoor cam and base station? I could only find instructions for the regular and pan cams.
Thank you!

I have been trying to connect the WCO Base to the WiFi without success for sometime now. So I am still hooked up via an Ethernet cable.

If you wanted to try, you will need to go into the Base station, click on Gear and the Device Info. From there you will see Change Connection and WiFi Network.

Please note: Some other Forums indicate that you must be on 2.,4G to get this done. I am not sure it is in the Production Version of the App. I am am a beta tester and have all Beta FW and App.

Hope this helps

My WCO Basestation refuses to connect to my Wi-fi network since I updated the firmware which has the option to connect to it wirelessly. I’ve tried multiple times over the past couple of weeks (I’m a beta tester). I’ve tried it on two different Wi-fi networks, saving the network & password before unplugging from my router. But it fails to work unless I plug it back in directly to my router. I even tried temporarily turning off the 5Ghz on my router, but it still didn’t want to connect. I figured future updates would fix it, but then I got an email from Wyze, touting it as a new feature.
That’s a great new feature… that doesn’t work though.

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Yea, I saw that announcement as well. Still cannot connect via WiFi. I may try again this weekend. As a beta tester, I try after each FW update to the base and WCO and any updates to the app. No luck yet.

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