Find Camera name, IP, MAC via Wireshark or other packet capture

I have 12 V3 cam and they are not easy to access physically. Recently I noticed they aren’t playing nice by choosing the best access point.
I decided to assign static IPs to my smart devices per access point.
I tried using Wireshark to examine the packets and looking for camera names, IP’s, MAC addresses. I couldn’t find any of that information in my capture.
I know it can be done, I just don’t know how. I would appreciate any assistance helping me determine which camera is using which IP.

Thank you!

You can find both in the Wyze app by looking at the camera information.

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No wonder this question wasn’t already asked in the forums. Leave it to me to over engineer something simple. Thank you for your help.

Your access points shouldn’t be handing out or reserving separate addresses unless you’re specifically intending to be double NATting. You only want a single DHCP server and your APs should be operating at layer 2 (meaning that’s no way tie the cameras to particular APs).