V3 Cam Has 2 MAC Addresses?

[I thought maybe I had this one figured out, but I don’t…]

In setting up IP reservations on a network, I just noticed that the V3 Cam that I was just about to add has 2 MAC addresses.

This cam is currently connected to the network (I do not yet have MAC filtering enabled on this network), and I can see that it is active.

When I look in the DHCP server’s active clients list, I see that I already have an entry for this cam in there (which I forgot about), but it has a different MAC address than the one on the manufacturer’s sticker on the cam.

Am I missing something, or hallucinating?

EDIT: Was this unit perhaps a refurb? Like, maybe some internal components got replaced, and they forgot to replace the sticker? Or maybe just got the wrong sticker in the first place?

This is a known issue. Not much you can do except restart the camera or reserve two different IP addresses.

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Thanks for the heads-up.

This is just ridiculous lol

No. I’m not going to do that. They will either replace the cam, or I won’t buy them anymore.
I’ll report back with what Support says when I contact them…

The cameras do in fact have two MACs. During boot, Wyze overwrites the hardware MAC that is registered to the manufacturer. Sometimes the boot process doesn’t work correctly and the camera uses the hardware MAC. This information can be found in other posts on the forums and has been a problem since the cameras first became available. Has to do with the fact that the cameras are manufactured by another company and rebranded with the Wyze logo and using Wyze firmware.


Wow. Geez.
Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: