Wyze Outdoor Cam Base Station MAC Address

Had some issues with my WiFi router and reset to factory defaults. issue stemmed from a Firmware update from the manufacturer they pushed without notice. I could not restore my settings from a backup. Which brings me to my issue.

Noticed an unknown Wyze Labs device in the attached devices. Could not figure it out until i discovered my Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station is actually broadcasting a new MAC address. Not the one noted on the bottom. Not the one it broadcast in the past. It has taken on a new identity.

I have one camera attached the base station. Periodically, I lose connectivity to the Outdoor cam from the app. Sometimes rebooting the base station works. Other times I have to reboot the camera. I wonder if this erroneous MAC the base is using is part of the issue?

Anyone else notice this?

The MAC address on my broadcast list matches the MAC address for the base that is shown on the app under device info. Look at device info for the base on your app and see if it is different. And I have know idea why they would be different.

I have experienced erroneous Mac addresses in the past on my v2 camera. Could be the same issue. Wyze modifies the mac address during boot-up to what they need it to be. Sometimes, this assignment does not go fully through and you will see an unknown Mac Address. The difference was that mine did not say Wyze, it said the name of the manufacturer of the network card. The fix was to simply power the device off (Unplug the power) for about 1 minute and then plug it back in. The Mac Address was corrected and all was good.

However, I have not experienced this issue in quite sometime and never experienced on my v3 camera’s or the WCO camera.

Wanted to pass this on as it is a simple thing to do and see if it gets corrected.

Here is the link about it:

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Thanks @spamoni4! That seems to be the issue. I’ve had to reboot my base and camera a bit lately. Doing so to the Base this time fixed the erroneous MAC. Had to reboot the camera again to get it to connect though.

Now I wonder if the firmware failing to overwrite the HW MAC has been an ongoing issue I’ve had for a while.

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