Camera name on network inventory

Greetings. I have a interesting issue. I have a number of WYZE cams, V2 and V3. All the cams show up as WYZE cam on my access listing except for one showing up as Samsung Galaxy S3. This is the first time its name has changed and its been in for awhile. The mac address falls in line with WYZE cam products so Im wondering where this Samsung variant is coming from. This just recently occured.

Just sounds like bad data in your discovery tool. What are you using?

It’s built into the wireless router. The name was WYZE cam It changed to Samsung Galaxy S3 which is one heck of a change. MAC address was the same. All other cams remain the same.

Reboot the router? Upgrade or reset it?

Rebooted camera, router, everything. The MAC numbers correspond to WYZE so I’m baffled how it got renamed.

Beats me then. You can try a similar scanner from your phone, or if you really care reset the whole router to clear whatever table is confused. This sounds purely cosmetic so I wouldn’t worry about it… unless somebody has an IP address on your WiFi who shouldn’t.