Incorrect Camera Names V1/V2

In the last couple of weeks my camera names when I look at the “notification” tab have been seemingly randomly named.
So instead of “front room” or what have you, I get A4DA229853B. <— Not super helpful :slight_smile:

Was wondering if anyone else has been having this issue?


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Those are the Mac Addresses for the cameras. Happened to me once or twice for a few minutes only. You can try backing out of the app and going back in or logging out and back in.

Also, pull down on the screen to refresh and see if that updates the names.

I have tried both of these things and they work for a little bit then reverts back to the awesome mac addresses.

Not sure if Wyze support cares but its happens almost every time I click on a “notification” pop up on the phone. Then once I close down the app and open it again most of the time its back to using my names.


I wonder why notification link/actions would cause this issue?