Notifications screen header shows MAC

Question for the Wyze team … all four of my v2 cams are working fine but I’ve noticed an anomaly on the Notifications screen, specifically with one of the cameras. The camera pointed at the crib is named “Guest Rm - Crib”, yet when I go to the Notifications screen and filter to only show only notifications for this camera, the header for the page appears as the MAC address, not the name of the camera. Ref. the two screen shots I’ve attached. The anomaly doesn’t happen with any of the other three cameras. Even stranger … as a test, I renamed this camera to simply “Crib” on the Device Info page, then returned to the Notifications screen and the problem went away (proper header “Crib”), but … after renaming it back to “Guest Rm - Crib”, the problem reappeared (improper MAC address header again)! This isn’t a serious problem, but it is odd. Any idea what might be going on and/or what I might do to correct it? Thanks.

What happens if you name a camera “test - test”. Perhaps the hyphen or the hyphen with spaces is messing things up?

Renamed the offending camera to “test - test” and there was no problem on the Notifications screen (when filtered to show only notifications from this camera, the header was indeed “test - test”). This (proper) behavior is the same as when I renamed to just “Crib”. Note also that the other 3 cameras all have a dash in their name (ref. first screen grab) and don’t exhibit the problem. So I don’t know, very odd. I’m thinking something with this one camera’s cloud setup/registration is amiss. I don’t really want to, but perhaps tomorrow I’ll Delete and completely re-setup this one camera and see if the problem goes away.