Android app version 1.4.18 released to Beta testing!

Hi we released Android app version 1.4.18 to beta testing today!

V1.4.18 beta includes:

– Added turn on/off camera in More page under live view
– Changed the Sort button to ‘Rearrange’ at the bottom of device list (Tentative UI change)
– Added Newsletter subscription under Account page
– For firmware upgrade prompt, changed from ‘don’t remind me for 14 days’ to ‘don’t remind me again’
– Clicking on notification goes directly to alert video
– UI changes in the Account page
– Added IP address in Device Info page
– Needs Android OS 5.0 or higher


I like this feature. Not a biggie but the thumbnail is labeled with the filename when entered this way but still shows the camera name when entered via normal app navigation. I prefer the camera names in both places.

CLARIFICATION: It is not the filename as I originally said, it is the camera MAC address that shows. Also, there is some pattern, yet to be determined, that causes either the MAC or camera name to appear. I’m seeing MAC 80% of the time and Name 20% but I haven’t discovered the cause for which is when.

I think it only happens on first load, any subsequent views shows the camera name. I noticed it too and waited for another alert to see if there was a change.

I like the on/off option - seems to work well


It would be nice if there was an IFTTT option from Wyze so that all or specific cameras could be turned on/off after a specific event (e.g. leaving home wifi or home gps) is triggered.

The camera MAC address will repopulate after a couple minutes as the camera “name” on playback and notifications. I usually have to go to change the name and back out and it will change to the actual name but today I noticed I didn’t close out the app and when I went back to the notifications the name went back to the MAC address after a few minutes while I was somewhere else on the app.