iOS app version 1.4.16 released to Beta testing!

Hi folks,
We’re releasing iOS app version 1.4.16 to beta testing!

The changes include:

  • Added turn on/off camera functionality in More page under live view
  • Fixed a bug that caused app crashes after viewing live stream for a long time
  • Changed the Sort button to Rearrange at the bottom of device list (Tentative UI change)
  • UI changes in the Account page
  • Added Wyze Newsletter subscription under Account page

Have fun testing! :slight_smile:

Hi Li… I installed it and seems to be working okay in brief testing. Some comments/questions:

– Added Wyze Newsletter subscription under Account page
– UI changes in the Account page
I see that now to get to password change, newsletter subscription, etc, you tap the username area at the top. But it wasn't that obvious. Might be good to put the static text "Account Settings" just to the left of the > symbol on that line. Also change the third line label "Settings" to "App Settings" to make it clear that it's app vs account settings there.
– Changed the Sort button to Rearrange at the bottom of device list (Tentative UI change
I kind of like it as the text is more clear the the previous icon.
– Added turn on/off camera functionality in More page under live view
I'm assuming that OFF means totally off? That is, microSD recording stops, any time lapse is suspended, alerts of all types are suspended. True? It might be good to put some text under the big OFF button icon such as "MicroSD Recording, Time Lapse and Alerts are Disabled" just to make it clear.

Also, I not that the OFF icon does not transfer out to the thumbnail view. I believe it should so that you can tell which cameras are OFF in the camera list. On a related note, I see that the camera automatically turns ON when you tap the thumbnail. I believe it would be better if it just returned to the OFF icon so the user is confident the camera was left off. It’s not a big deal to tap the OFF switch at that point to turn it back on.

The on/off work great but if you share a camera no one using the share function should be able to turn the camera on or off. This should be only the non shared user. To put it in context my neighbor and I have camera’s pointed at each other house and he shared his camera with me and I shared my front yard with him. I should not be able to disable his and I should not be disable mine. Love the feature but security needs tighten up.

Any thoughts?

Yes, I totally agree. User should not be able to turn off/on shared cameras unless the user sharing the camera allows it. Thank you for bringing it up. We’ll make some changes on it either we disable this functionality for shared camera or we let the user choose if he or she wants to enable that feature for shared camera.

serious question: would anybody actually trust the wyze on/off status toggle?

with all respect to wyze labs, by default the camera on everybody’s laptops are off, but they still cover them because everybody knows…

the only true way to ensure a camera is not capturing is to cut power to it (and obviously this prevents remote activation)

i know it’s an oft-requested feature, and i think i’ve actually requested it before, but i’m actually happier with my smart plug solution that kills the power to the attached device, while still being active to re-enable power remotely when required.

I’ve talked to Tao about this feature request during the weekend and unfortunately, we probably wouldn’t implement this in the near future. We assume the users only choose to share the cameras with whom they trust a lot and if we’re going to implement this feature, we’ll also need to consider other scenarios during the sharing process. However, giving different level of permissions when sharing the camera with others is definitely something we’ll add along the way.

I’m a security professional and I know how secure my assets are like locking my phone Instantly but others I don’t control the security on their remote devices so therefore I have no idea if my cameras would be exposed to theft if they got their phone stolen. I trust the person but I can’t control what I cannot see. Just being able to tighten down is the request giving me more control. Also their all lots of snowbirds that come south in the winter that have their cameras active when the are gone. When they come back south if they disable their inside camera they would not like someone that the shared a remote view to re-activate a while they were in the home. A few reasons not to allow shared on/off. Thanks

Well, clearly the camera is not turned TOTALLY off. If it were, it couldn’t respond to the app request to turn it back on. If you are worried about the camera being hacked, then an OFF mode will not prevent that since the camera still has a communication channel. But it would be valuable to know exactly which features are disabled in OFF mode as I requested above. As such, the OFF mode does add value, such as disabling shared users’ viewing, alerts being uploaded, etc.