iOS App V1.4.48 released to the public!

Hi all,

iOS App V1.4.48 is released to the public.

The changes include:

  • Added ‘restart’ in camera setting page
  • Moved the ‘Sort’ button to top right of device list
    – Clicking on notification goes directly to alert video
    – Add a prompt when receiving camera share
    – Allow sending firmware log via app
    – Add IP address in Device Info
    – Fixed an issue that WiFi change to LTE lost camera connection
  • Added Wyze Newsletter subscription under Account page
  • UI changes & bug fixes

Hi Li,

I was under the impression that this update would fix the bug where the app would force close after extended live viewing.

It does not appear to have been fixed as I am still experiencing this issue. I’ve submitted a ticket and crash log through the app.

What’s does the turn off under more… does? Because it’s still recording to the sd card.

Mod: My comment should be moved to the “Android App V1.4.33 released to the public” my mistake.

The SD card seems to be a second class citizen. It’s annoying that I can turn off motion detection (and others like sound), but the SD card will still continue to record away (I set to record on events only). I haven’t tested yet if the new ‘OFF’ feature continues recording to SD, but if what you’re saying is correct, the new OFF feature is useless and I’ll have to keep using my smart plugs. This also means that I’ll have to keep reformatting my SD cards when it decides to corrupt them due to sudden power loss which then prevents the camera from turning back on.

I also still get the crashing after extended use. Next time I get a chance I’ll send in logs also.


A little more info about this, the camera i did the turn off to… really turned it off even though i last check it running and recording.


I just did a test with one of my V2 cameras. It (like all of mine) is set for continuous recording. I first confirmed that recording was working and then used the “Off” command in the app. After waiting about 45 minutes, I attempted to view playback. The app reported that the camera was not connected. I then turned the camera back on, and it connected with live video. After waiting a couple minutes, I was again able to playback video and there was the expected 45 minute gap during the time that I had the camera off.

So, based on this test, it would appear that most camera functions really do get turned off with the command. Obviously the WiFi is still connected and the CPU is alive enough to process the “On” command.

Sorry about the issue. Did you happen to leave the sound on when you were view live feed? We tested it with sound off and it can last for about 12 hours without app crash. Could you also let me know your ticket number?

Yes turning off the camera should also stop the SD card recording. Thank you for testing this! Wifi needs to be connected so that the user can turn the camera back on through IoT connection.

Yes, the sound was turned on. We use one of our WyzeCams as a baby monitor so keeping the sound turned on is essential.

I don’t have a ticket #, but here is some info from the email that I sent at 8:51pm CST on 7/16.


User Name:
Device Mac:
Firmware version:,
Device model: WYZECP1_JEF,
iOS version: 11.4__iPhone
APP version: 1.4.48
Ticket Number:
Agent name:
Firmware log ID: 7ac8654291c343a1b828c264756e8a 11

Awesome, I found your ticket. I will forward the log to the dev team!

New Bug after app upgrade — When I delete recent cloud stored videos after watching using the trashcan icon on bottom of notification screen clearing queue completely alert clips I deleted a week ago (7/10) are back in the queue after the next new alert video is saved in cloud. I delete all and clear the queue but the week-old clips keep returning.



I’m sorry about the issue! I can replicate it on my device. I’ve forwarded the issue to the engineering team. Thank you for letting us know!