V2 firmware released to Beta!

Hi folks,
Firmware version is released to beta testing.
The changes include:

  • Added Alexa integration support (Wyze Skill is not officially released in the Skill store yet but it will very soon!)
  • Fixed an issue when IoT status is not updated correctly
  • Bug fixes

All seven of my V2 cameras upgraded just fine.


Great, thank you!

Thanks! My 20 cameras are working just fine after the IOS update.

Thanks! Hope seeing Google Assistant integration too in the future :slight_smile:

It took two tries on one of my cameras. It said success, then wouldn’t reconnect (died at 2/3). When it finally came back to life, it said it needed to upgrade again. Did it that time and it took.

My second camera did it in one try.


all 4 cams after upgraded to, View Playback function seems NOT to be able to view recorded “Recorded events only” clip from SD card … I used to be able to select “View Playback” and see green blocks of recorded events on the timeline and play it … now, when in View Playback function, no green recorded event blocks are available … and after a few moments, app displays “device not connected” or something like that … Live view mode is ok … please help …

Could you try killing the app and reopen it? Are you able to view the playback footage stored in the SD card on your computer?

Will turning off IR LEDs in night mode be available in next firmware update ?

Ah yes, by killing the app and opening it again fixed my issue. I can see the green blocks of recorded events again … thanks.

Great! I’ll follow up with the engineers to figure out what might be causing this. Sorry about the issue!

It’s on our roadmap but we don’t have a target version to release yet. Considering the use cases for this feature, we still have some testing to do before we make it available.

Cool, good to know your working on it , Love the cams

This issue happened again frequently… and cleared if I I killed & restarted the Wyze app … please investigate … thank you …

Upgraded to latest Beta and my recordings (full-time record) from the SD card are not working. It comes up green in the timeline, but after I slide to a time, the camera disconnects and takes time to reconnect. Tried multiple times with the same result.

Also important to note it worked fine prior to the upgrade.

I tried deleting the app, but no joy. Is there an easy way to downgrade back to the latest stable or anything else I should try? Card reformat?

I also just reformatted the card, rebooted the cam, and still no luck playing back from the timeline. I select a green portion, the camera tries to load, then disconnects.

Any ideas?

It’s the wyze app, not the camera… try to kill the wyze app and launch the app again…

App version is 1.4.48 — what do you mean by killing the app and restarting it? I removed it and redownloaded it from the App Store — same result. I’m on an iPhone 7

Double click on the Home button to bring up app switcher, swipe up the Wyze app to close it. Then launch it again.

That did the trick, thanks.

So it’s obviously app/software related, but I see the 1-min gaps in my timeline when the camera would disconnect. It must of been rebooting the cam when pulling up the timeline prior to restarting the app.

Hopefully the devs can reproduce and fix.