2.11 beta App Release - 5/27/2020

Dear Beta testers,

We have the 2.11 beta app for you to test today.

Here is the release note.


iOS: 2.11.30(3)

Android: 2.11.32


  • Updated the Event page UI
  • Added support for Wyze Bulb Sleep Routines (not visible until firmware upgrade)
  • Added support for Wyze Cam Outdoor
  • Bug fixes


  • Feedback for new Event page UI
  • Wyze Bulb Sleep Routines

Please let us know if you find any issues, thanks!


Hello Wyze and @WyzeAndy

The new app looks great! I love the events tab which how has a timeline!! The whole app refresh looks amazing!!

The app also seems to be more responsive :slight_smile:

I do miss the filter for person on the event tab. It was much easier before to just tap person. Now you have to do a few more steps to get there.

So… it’s coming soon?

I do like that the Emergency Button now appears when you click on a notification from Wyze.

Thank you guys and keep up the good work!!


See my post regarding this error. PIR motion triggers a notice in Events tab that there is a video, but the camera is off - and, of course, there is no video to view. Just started with iOS beta app update.

None of my sensors, bulbs, and plugs show their actual device names in rules anymore with this new update.

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I love the new UI and I think it lays the ground work for the dark mode UI. Good job :+1: @WyzeTeam

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My pet peeve with the app design is the edit rules button, and the edit “pencil” at the top right. It literally says “edit rules” in the top middle, it doesn’t need to be under the pencil. For editing devices, I think a better way to implement the same functionality would be a press and hold that triggers a drag to reorder. This would also enable like an “x” or trash can symbol for deletion, or a separate button.

Edit: also dark mode please

Just my two cents

Same, also after upgrading to the new bulb firmware, none of my bulbs reconnect. Good times

@fred2028 - I noticed the same thing this morning, and was just about to mention this issue. It only appears to be an Android app issue. On my iOS device, I can see all the names still.

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No issues on IOS. Maybe it’s a weird Android bug?


On iOS I was unable to see the RTSP URL for cameras that have RTSP firmware installed. Which several of my cameras do. I can still live view the cameras and view playback etc. But under advanced settings/RTSP I get an error message that states my firmware is incorrect.

Removing the beta and returning to the production version restores the RTSP menu access.

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For those experiencing the device name issue, please force restart the app and log out and back in and report if that resolves the issue.

I ran into a similar issue with RTSP this morning on android! Got one camera going with RTSP last night, update this morning, then I had issues trying to activate RTSP after flashing the new firmware onto a second camera.
In the new app, it kept saying “camera not connected.” Rolled back to the previous app version and no issues turning RTSP on. (Im using RTSPv2)

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@Loki Did not fix. Force closed. Logged out. Deleted cache and data. Uninstalled. Reinstalled. Relogged in. Still same issue.

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Upgraded to the latest app for beta and this is the first time of any upgrade that I have issues I’ve lost one V2 camera in the events and it’s the camera on CM second issue on the events page is the change the delete option like another post in the beta area I sometimes have a large amount of items I want to delete going back to 20 at a time it’s very time-consuming third issue is minor after the update the pan camera reverted to 360p fourth and last issue at this point is as mentioned in other posts the little view icon in the event is gotten smaller in for some of us older people it’s really getting hard to look at

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Thanks for letting me know. Please submit a log through the beta app and also a good idea to post in the FB beta group.

No FacebCrook. But I’ll submit a log via the app.

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Same. All the normal functionality is there. The new app connects better and I love the new events page redesign! Seems like it should be a (hopefully) quick fix.

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Neither my iOS nor Android device will admit that the versions listed at the beginning of this thread exist. On the apple crap, Test Flight shows the most recent to be 2.11.30 (3), and on the Android the Play Store says I am a beta tester and have the current version 2.10.79

Imt not sure I understand. This is the new release mentioned at the start of the thread. ?? (I don’t know Android)

OK, I mis-read the iOS version. I thought it said (5) - my error on that one.

However my Android is still on 2.10.79 and insists that I have the latest beta version.

So I’m half right…

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