2.46 app Beta Test 9/26/2023


  • Android: 2.46.0.b360

  • iOS: 2.46.0 (2)

What’s New:

  • Improved UI for schedules with inverse actions in Rules

  • Fixed a bug that caused Wyze Cam Outdoor to exit directly to the Home tab from Travel Mode (Android-only)

  • Fixed a bug that caused Event Videos to play sound without sound turned on (iOS-only)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented sharing photos from the Album for Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro (iOS-only)

  • Bug fixes


@Seapup @spamoni4 can you confirm whether this beta fixes the Android event tab upscrolling bug that was re-introduced from yesterday’s app release?

I am hesitant to update to it if it doesn’t, because I need to review some critical events in the next few days and don’t want to suffer through the endless scrolling unnecessarily.


Not a problem in this beta Android version. :+1:


Thank you!


@Seapup @carverofchoice

I just tested the Events with Beta App 2.46. Went down to 5pm time frame, streamed an event. When I went back to events, I was at the same spot from which I selected the event to stream.

So for me, the issue with the Events resetting back to the top seems to not be an issue on Android anymore.

@Seapup , ate you not seeing the same thing?


I was about to say, “Yes!”. Then I noticed the Event Report icon changed from a static hollow icon to an animated blue icon. I rechecked and the issue is GONE! That icon has been in animation mode for 5 minutes. I don’t know if it’s an indication of report being generated or not or what that has to do with anything, but it will probably run for a very long time. I have gobs of cams (100+?) and a hideous number of events over 14 days. I’ll recheck if the animation stops. Are you seeing the same icon? Note icon upper right:

That test was under Android 11. Let me check 8, 9, 10 and 12…


Man, never really used that. Now that you pointed it out, I looked at mine and the same thing is going on. Not sure why. When you tap on it, the app seems to crash, but it is still running.


I’m seeing that as well, it also has a red dot now. Not sure what that animation is for


Red dot over icon or field heading means something new in app. But I don’t see anything new other than an animated icon.


I checked under Android 8-12, no issues with app remembering Event list point.

I also tried changing dates, toggling Hardware Acceleration on/off, portrait/landscape, phone vs tablet, displaying events for every camera type I own, etc. I can’t reproduce the production issue of taking user back to most recent 20 events.

Also checked using app back icon vs Android back icon.


Hey Beta Testers with Cam Plus, Go to the Events tab and select the Insights graph now:


Check out the cool new feature we get to test.

  • “Thumbnail show” is like a timelapse showing you one thumbnail of every AI event (for that camera) in the last 24hrs and it’s awesome.
  • Then click on Timeline and you get to easily see every AI event in a horizontal timeline and can move around or skip next without all the normal hassle in the events tab. It’s very convenient!!!

My main wishes for this:

  • Allow us to select WHICH kind of events to show (person, pet, vehicle, package, motion, etc). I might want to be able to search for pet detections in some cases, but might only want to have the slideshow or timeline cycle through person detections
  • Allow us to change the speed of both the thumbnail show AND the Timeline. Let me tell it to do everything at 4X or 8x, or go slower on the thumbnails like 1 per second or half second or whatever. On some of the views it was a little fast, on other views it was PERFECT and almost like a perfect timelapse
    • Edit: Just realized we can use our thumb to move the thumbnail show at ANY speed we want, including really slow, or flinging it across the screen so it cycles at super speeds, or even play the thumbnail show in REVERSE!!! Which was really funny to watch my “baby cam” timelapse of my baby sleeping in reverse! That is actually really cool
  • Allow us to look at other days besides just the last 24hrs.
  • Allow the us a way to link to the events a particular thumbnail came from (if it’s not too hard to do so). For example, doing this with a VDB, I might see a thumbnail that particularly interests me. I would like to stop on that thumbnail, and link to the event somewhere (either in the timeline, the events tab or the SD card…any of them would cool, or all of them). Right now I have to just look at the time and then go find that event. EDIT: IT DOES ALLOW THIS!!! I figured out how to get a thumbnail to link me to the Timeline! SO AWESOME! (you tap the thumbnail and a play icon shows up, and when you tap on that it links to the even in the Timeline). I LOVE THIS!
  • Allow us to ZOOM in on a thumbnail or timeline event. I can’t double tap or pinch to zoom :sob: But I would love to be able to do so.

I really love this new feature! I already liked the normal insights, though I didn’t use it too often and wish it had a “notification” to tell me when it detected an abnormal pattern, instead of me having to “check” and see if it detected something weird or not…but these new features to go with it are really cool, especially the Thumbnail show. I love it so much.


@tc10 I remember you wishing that Wyze would implement that timelapse-like feature you had on Nest, and I agreed that it looked really cool. This new “Thumbnail Show” and event Timeline feature Wyze is testing out from the last 24hrs of AI detections feels very similar to what you were asking for. Just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss that they did something similar to what you were wishing for.


AWESOME FIND! Major major props to the app team! I’ve watched multiple “event timelapse’s” now and I am extremely impressed with its stability for being just released! Well done team!!


I should mention, props to @SlabSlayer for bringing it to my attention. I noticed the Event insights icon changed, but did not notice the thumbnail show or new timeline feature until he mentioned to me that there was new stuff in this beta app.


I agree, it seems that the app preloads all the thumbnails, which makes it super smooth and fast. Most of the wyze app has to pause and load when doing ANYTHING, so this is great!


I 100% agree with all these suggestions, and in addition, here’s some more.

On IOS the camera selector is cut off on the right.

It should show all the tags or prioritize person tags. In this case I can see on the timeline that there’s a person, but in show mode it’s all just vehicles. I have a parked vehicle so it makes show mode useless on this camera.

Here’s another example:

The “Event Report” button at the bottom in dark mode looks like it’s greyed out. It took me a minute to realize I can actually click it.

I think white would make it stand out more.

Also, when the camera name is long it doesn’t cut it off, so it blocks the back button. I cannot escape!


I love the new ability to add cameras directly to a group from the group itself with an easy “+.” One suggestion is either to move or remove the “Explore More Camera’s” because I have accidentally hit “shop” thinking it was the “add” countless times.


Fancy! There’s so many hidden features in this app! :clap::clap::clap: to the app team!!!


ALERT!!! ALERT!!! Dark Mode Heresy Detected!!!



No no no!!! I don’t mean white screen, just a white button. Contrast!!

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