2.46 app Beta Test 9/26/2023

Totally agree! Knocked it outta the park so far for this release




Oh yea! Another little cool trick is if you just switch between show and timeline mode it keeps you in the same position, so you can easily switch between the 2 modes and stay on the same event.


New Launch Screen on iOS?


Anyone seeing this? FLP only has these menu items. No SD card or anything else. I cannot horizontal scroll that menu


Works on Android, so it might be an iOS only bug.

@cyberdog_17 or other iOS users can you scroll the menu bar shown above? Just making sure if it’s an isolated incident or not

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I am able to see it normally @IEatBeans


Android App 2.46, Android 13

Having some significant issues with loading the Live Stream for the VDBv1 in this Beta.

The Group View stream loads fine, but when going to the cam Live Stream it hangs at 1 of 3 loading and won’t resolve. My VDBv1 is set to HD.

If, while stalling on 1 of 3, I enter the VDBv1 settings, and then immediately use the Back button or Back Gesture, the cam will load the Live Stream immediately, but the video is reverted to 480p.

In the Account > Notifications > Push Notifications menu, when selecting the VDBv1, it will not open the VDBv1 Device Notifications Menu.

Cam Log 1188808
App Log 1188817

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While very much improved, there is still stuttering, lag, overall “hanging” of the app if the user has a lot of devices in the app. Mostly noticed upon first start up of the app or if you leave and come back shortly after exiting,

iOS 17
iPhone 12 Pro Max

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Heads up at least on Android if anyone got the latest update for beta, it took away the wonderful thumbnail time lapse!

I want it back! That was so so useful!

Someone send me the APK!

I want to have that to use and I’ll try to set up one of my other phones to test the beta on lol


I still see the Thumbnail Show and Timeline Events in beta 2.46.0.b360.

Mine is gone too. It’s now just a graph. That feature was very nice. I have to get one of my spare phones to take the apk off it. It hasn’t updated yet. It was like a quick video time line of all the events on a camera for the day. I just found it a short time ago. Please bring it back.


The icon is there, but it provides a different screen.

@Bam , I like the new way / look as well.


You have a graph you guys are seeing the activity levels is what was there beforehand. That had previously been there and although it can be useful to see how much I camera is seeing if there’s an increase activity the thumbnail time lapse was so so useful for reviewing a whole night’s footage quickly without actually using a time lapse. That definitely needs to make a comeback!

I tried to utilize it as much as possible so the company could see that they were getting use out of it


I am still running Android Beta 2.46.0.b360. Here are screenshots of the Slideshow and Timeline screens from within the Event Reports button. They still work for me.

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When your app updated, did it actually roll you back to the Hotfix?

I just checked my Android Google Play Store and it is showing an App Update for me…

But it is a REVERSION from the Beta. It is actually the 2.45 Hotfix released after the Beta but is being pushed to Betas with a higher 2.46 version number.

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Mine did. I did the update when I saw it. Did not check the version.

The version in your image is what I have now.


Thanks for the confirmation!

Beta testers shouldn’t be getting a reversion update.


If you want to sideload, let me know. I saved the .apk on my server.