Wyze App 2.37 Beta Test 11/03/2022

Android: 2.37.0.b111
iOS: 2.37.0(4)

What’s New:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from adding devices to Smart Control on Wyze Switch

  • Fixed the Photos flash when opening Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan photos in Album

  • Fixed a bug that prevented changing the sensitivity for Wyze Motion Sensor v2 (iOS)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented sound when playing 12-second Cam Plus Lite videos (iOS)

  • Fixed a bug that caused saving repeat schedule settings to fail for Wyze Plug and Wyze Plug Outdoor (Android)

  • Fixed a crash issue when selecting Wyze Cam Pam videos in Album (Android)

  • Minor UI improvements

  • Bug fixes


Can we please know what “bug fixes”

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Loading it on my iOS device and waiting for it to become available for Android.

iOS installed without issue and loads fine. Will start testing soon

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They do name the significant bugs as they did for all these major bugs:

When they list “other bugs” at the end, I just take it as usually fairly minor things, including things most people will never notice. They won’t list every spelling correction, or minor subroutine update that may not have been reported or noticed by most users.

Having gone to school and learned to program in Java (as well as other things to a degree), I can tell you that with the software programs I did develop, it would be insane to list every single line of code I update between versions…it would take me as much time and effort to continually do that as it does to actually make small syntax change or efficiency update. It would’ve been impractical. Sometimes a small update to a loop or simple parameters for an array or something…basically just letting us know it’s not exclusively the above things, those are mostly just the things they want us to test and give feedback on.


Has anyone seen this available for Android on the Play Store yet?

I keep checking. Haven’t seen it. Hopefully it shows tomorrow or we might be stuck waiting until Monday.

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Yea, I think they did a great job with this changelog. Usually it’s like one thing and then bug fixes. They listed out all the major and even minor things, which is all anyone really cares about. Good job!

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Installed on IOS, no issues

Still waiting…


Just checked, still nothing for Android. :slight_smile:

iOS was available and installed


I think the fixes include this bug I’ve been whining about: Wyze Switch - Issues with making modifications to "Additional Controls"

I’m on Android. :frowning: Still waiting with everyone else.

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iPhone updated before the update was even announced here - TestFlight E-Mail.
Still waiting for Android availability.

This new app update (at least on IOS) seems to include the renaming of cam plus pro to cam protect. I like this new naming better, but I can imagine this will cause some confusion at first.

Main things:
There’s now a little bubble below the live stream that prompts you to sign up for this, but when clicking it the pop up says “Cam Guard”, and hitting learn more, it takes you to a page that says “Cam Protect”, however the font color is messed up on the last character.

Also, it was never updated in the monitoring tab, it still lists HMS and Cam Plus Pro.

On the floodlight, the new button blocks the siren button, and when using a beta app the floating submit a log button defaults to on top of it as well…

Additionally, the support sites and services site still say pro

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Anybody get the Android app yet?

I am still waiting.


Not yet :sob:

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Wonder why it is taking so long

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BC Google… Well they are Google.

They say they are “Alphabet” but they only use the ZZZ’s



Still waiting for the Android version…