Wyze Switch - Issues with making modifications to "Additional Controls"

I have discovered a bug that makes the Wall Switch unable to use the “Rules” assigned to the additional controls.

This happens when you setup the “Double-Click, Triple-Click, Long-Press”, Additional Controls for the Wall Switch.

  1. You setup the Wall Switch to do whatever you want in the Additional Controls.
  2. Test the clicking on the Wall Switch… Things work.
  3. I go and modify the Dbl-Click Routine… add something, remove something. Save it.
  4. I then remember to add 1 more thing and then maybe change the Triple-Click Routine.
  5. Test the clicking on the Wall Switch… Nothing works.
  6. I can make this happen basically 100% of the time.

Does anyone else have this issue?

I have posted this before and was hoping to get traction with someone. @QiS ?


That’s a strange issue, please take an app log as well as a device log. Post them here.

app log
Account tab > Wyze support > submit a log.

device log
Device settings > Wyze support > submit a log.

Submitted tonight - Log # 571883

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Hey @R.Good guessing you have the switch, does this happen to you as well?